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Top Stories at PalletCentral

NWPCA and Virginia Tech Team up for Pallet Design Course

The NWPCA and Virginia Tech team up for Pallet Design Course On August 19-21, NWPCA Technical and PDS Manager Dr. Brad Gething joins Virginia Tech professor Dr. Laszlo Horvath for a two-day short course on Pallet Design and Performance in Blacksburg, VA. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of pallet design for both stringer and block pallets using the industry standard Pallet Design System 5.1 with LoadSync™. For more information on the event and to register, follow this link or contact Brad Gething, NWPCA Technical and PDS Manager.

Heat Stress is Hot Safety Issue

The pallet industry has many job tasks that could put workers at risk, especially if they are stacking pallets outside in direct sun, operating forklifts to load trucks outside, and working inside where there is inadequate air conditioning or ventilation. Our OSHA expert shares case studies and offers advice on what employers can do to reduce their risk...Read more.

TIMCON Offers New Specification Program for Dry Pallets

In partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, TIMCON recently commissioned an in-depth pallet drying project in response to growing member concerns about mold. The drying project led to the development of a new compliance program that assures customers receive a standard moisture content for the contracted supply of mold-free pallets. This project, in conjunction with the previously published brochure for users of wooden pallets, “TIMCON Best Practice Guide to Timber Stain & Mould”, creates a strong framework for the industry to combat the challenging and complicated issue of mold. The research in the UK is limited to Sitka Spruce timber species, and provides a baseline for program adoption by other countries. More information on the program will be released soon. The presentation on the research and the brochure are available below:

Learn more about TIMCON at Timcon.org.

Wooden Agriculture Bins for Pears and Apples


The summer season is synonymous with fresh, delicious fruit. While precision packing and a custom-built wooden agricultural bin cannot guarantee the taste of summer fruits, it can help ensure that fruit will look just as good as the day it was picked off the tree. This article compiles insight into the production of these bins, plus a timely overview on the pear and apple industry market.... Read full article.

Pallets Move the World®

Video release of "Pallets Move the World®" generated a lot of excitement during the NWPCA’s Annual Leadership Conference opening session on March 2, 2014. The one-minute video has received over 1,400 “hits” in a little over a month after the public release. The video clearly details the connection of pallets to our daily lives. Whether hardwood or softwood, international or domestic, block or stringer, wooden pallets truly do move the world and we are proud to help tell the story...Watch the video.

Did You Know?

NWPCA posts the Did You Know items from our E-Newsletters that contain facts about the sustainability and market strengths of wood packaging. We will continue to add to this list so keep visiting the site for information you can use to promote your products and industry.



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